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About Nate


Hey, I'm Nate. I'm a Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher with a strong focus on the anatomy and biomechanics of yoga. My belief is that action is more important than form - practice safely, aim true and one day the form will come. My style of teaching opens the door to any level of practitioner from newbie to advanced and, through accurate action cues and detailed instructions on how to control the body, it is accessible to all.


In my personal practice I find enjoyment in using poses to build both strength and flexibility whilst being drawn to arm balances and inversions. This carries through in to my teaching style as I love to be able to take practitioners to their own perceived limits and then show them that they have more to give.


I remember my first 'Om' experience. Tucked away in the back corner of a large studio in Sydney surrounded by people making a noise I'd never heard before. I laughed. One month later I longed for the sense of togetherness created by that deep sound. I was hooked. Very quickly my practice became my favourite part of the day and I began to feel the benefits of it both physically and mentally. At the time I was struggling with chronic anxiety and yoga gave me space to step back from that, understand it and let's face it, learn how to stand on my hands (almost). As the teachings of the eastern philosophers trickled into my mind through classes, I picked up snippets that I could use to begin to tackle the anxiety I was feeling and this is something that I bring into my classes. Who knows, maybe a snippet a day keeps the doctor away?

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